We believe that employing degreed professionals throughout the Company's operations provides the level of expertise and quality necessary for success in this industry. Since 1965, we have continually staffed the Company with a high ratio of energy professionals.

Mewbourne Oil Company presently employs approximately 400 people in eight offices. Of the total work force, 55 are geologists and land management, 70 are engineers and technical professionals and 50 are accountants and other administrative professionals. Mewbourne Oil Company is unique among independent operators in that it recruits and hires at colleges, conducts an extensive in-house training program and rotates job assignments among young professionals. The Company’s success can be directly attributed to the high standards it maintains in hiring and retaining top quality professionals.

The corporate offices are located in Tyler, Texas. The executive and administrative offices are located in Tyler, along with an accounting/financial group, a production operations and reservoir/engineering group, an exploration and land administration group, a capital market/investors services group, and an oil and gas marketing group.

The company maintains exploration offices in Amarillo, Texas, Midland, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Amarillo office is involved in exploration and developmental activities in the Northeastern Texas Panhandle. The Midland office is involved in exploration and developmental activities for the West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico areas, while the Oklahoma City office provides the same functions for the Western Oklahoma area. The staff at these three offices is composed primarily of geologists and land management.

The company has operation offices in Perryton and Midland, Texas, Hobbs, New Mexico and Woodward, Oklahoma. The Perryton, Texas office is responsible for operations in the Northeastern Texas Panhandle; the Midland, Texas office is responsible for operations in West Texas; the Hobbs, New Mexico office is responsible for operations in Southeastern New Mexico; the Woodward Oklahoma office is responsible for operations in Western Oklahoma. These district offices are involved in drilling, completion and production of oil and gas wells. The staff at each of these offices is typically composed of supervisory, engineering and operations personnel involved in the drilling, completion and production of these wells. Wellsite geologists also work out of these operations offices.

A key determinant of Mewbourne Oil Company's success is the quality and dedication of its employees. Mewbourne Oil has been able to attract and retain qualified, loyal personnel, in part, because it conducts a significant operation in all aspects of the exploration and production business with minimal employee redundancies, organizational complexities, etc. As a result, individuals have meaningful responsibilities and are able to see directly their respective contributions to the enterprise.

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Mewbourne Oil Company, established in 1965, is a prominent independent oil and natural gas producer in the
Anadarko Basin of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico.